CURRENT VERSION: BCCM 1.1 (December 2015)

Dear collector, we are glad to present the Bimetallic Coin Collection Manager, an interactive Excel file with months of hard work and compilation of bimetallic coins minted around the world that will help you in the management of your collection. The file will be updated two times per year.

ADVICE: Optimized for Office 2007 onwards.

    How does it work

A. Download and open the file.

B. Observe below the sheets of the book.

C. Open 'Coin index' sheet and observe 18 columns:

1. Total number of different bimetallic coins minted by each country. This number will increase according the minted coins for that territory.

2. Coin state selection. Here you are three options to choose:

I have it: this coin will be added to 'My collection' list. Do not forget to select the year of issue, the quality and, if you want, write the purchase price.

I have not it: this coin will be added to 'Missing coins' list.

- On hold: I bought the coin and it is pending to be received. This coin will be added to 'On hold' list.

If you are not interested in some coin, do not select any option. That coin will not appear in 'My collection' neither in 'Missing coins'.

3. WBCN catalogation code. It is given to all the coins, is made of two letters and three numbers and will help us to their identification, this code is unique and non transferable between coins:

4. Issuing country:

5. Face value:

6. Year of issue. If this cell is coloured, that's mean that you should select the year of issue minted in your coin:

7. Grading. If this cell is coloured, you should select the grading of your coin:

8. Theme. The commemorative theme of the coin or main subject of it obverse:

9. KM#. The identification number assigned in the prestigious Catalog of World Coins from Krause publications:

10. Ring metallic composition*

11. Center metallic composition*

* If it is gold, platinum or palladium, the cell turns coloured in 'My collection' sheet.

12. Diameter. The external size of the coin:

13. Weight:

14. Edge type. The kind of edge minted on the coin, plain, reeded...

15. Shape. Could it be round or poligonal:

16. Mintage. The total number of coins minter in all the qualities:

17. Reference value. The approximate numismatic value of the coin in the market. Please, note that this can change continuously and you can help us to maintain the file updated writing us an e-mail:

18. Purchase price. Price that you paid for have the coin in your collection:

C. Summary table. It is composed of 6 lines in two diferents tables:

1. Cataloged coins.

2. Coins in your collection.

3. Missing coins of your collection.

4. Orientative numismatic value of the cataloged coins.

5. Orientative numismatic value of your collectiom.

6. Price that you paid for your collection.

    Watch a demo

Enable subtitles in the video

NOTE: We need your help to maintain the Bimetallic Coin Collection Manager updated. If you realize a mistake or erroneous information, please write us an e-mail.

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